I often get asked what is in my pantry. I always tell people that my pantry is not that impressive. There is never much in it because I don’t want anything to go bad or rancid.  I don’t keep a lot of canned goods on hand because I rarely use them and we try to avoid many processed foods that keep for extended periods of time in the pantry. However, there are a few items that I almost always have on hand. I complied this list to show my top 10 items in the pantry. Many of them I use daily.


1. Nuts/Seeds – Raw nuts and seeds are not only great to snack on, but they are great for making dips or spreads. I love using them in desserts as well. They are a great source of “good” fats and protein.


2. Dry Beans – Beans are such a great source of protein and fiber. Dried beans are much less expensive than canned beans and by making your own you can control the amount of sodium.

3. Grains – Rice, oats, millet, bulgur, wheat, etc


4. Vinegars – I love vinegar! Not only do I use for cooking, I use vinegar for cleaning/laundry as well.

5. Dried Fruit – Dried fruits are one of my favorite snacks. They are quite healthy as long as they don’t contain added sugar. Many dried fruits are a great source of iron and vitamin C.

6. Coconut Oil

7. Dates – I try to substitute sugar for dates as often as I can. Dates are a whole food, packed with nutrition!

8. Nutritional Yeast – I try to use nutritional yeast often, because it provides a good source of vitamin B12.

9. Lentils – High in protein and fiber. Low in calories.

10. Nut Butters/Tahini – Nut butters are a great source of healthy fats. Tahini is especially healthy.

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